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‘‘Forging Copper Alloys since 1955’’

CEMAL METAL founded year 1955 in Istanbul place called Persembe Bazaar, Kalafat by loving memory of Mr. Cemal OZTURK. First Mr. Cemal OZTURK started to work with Sand Casting method, with his all experience and machine park in the year 1993 also started to work with Centrifugal Casting, in year 1996 Cemal Metal expertised in Continuous Casting methods to produce bronze, brass and other copper alloys with the mentioned dimensions under;

Bars Min./Max. 8-300 mm
Pipes Min./Max. 20x10 / 2000 x 1700 mm
Square Materials Min./Max. 8 x 8 / 300 x 300
Rectangle Materials Min./Max. 8 x 15 / 200 x 500
Six sided Materials Min./Max. 8 - 150 mm.
Special Sections    

Examples of the some casts are: Manganese Bronze/ Silica Bronze / Tin Bronze / Leaded Tin Bronze / High leaded Tin Bronze / Nickel Tin Bronze / Aluminium Bronze, brasses and Aluminium alloys could machine on desired dimensions on high-tech looms with the sensitive tolarences.

With Sand Casting from 7000 kg to 2,5 kg mono block pieces and all kinds of modelling can be produced. Each shift has a capacity of 2800 tons per year. Cemal Metal with its experience through the centrifugal casting and continuous casting machines can manufacture its very own machines for their usage or delivery to the desired companies around Turkey. Also Cemal Metal can give complete plant offers for industrial use.

In 1996, Cemal Metal commissioned Turkey’s first Bronze Continuous Casting Plant. This is a proof of their experience through the field. Continous Casting process has a positive effect on homogeneous grain size, machinability, mechanical properties for bronze materials when it compares to the other processes such as Sand Casting and Centrifugal Casting. With this method filled, hollowed, round, six sided, rectangle, square and special sections are easy to cast. Especially in high leaded Tin bronze, problem of the precipitation of lead results that Centrifugal Casting method is the only way to avoid it.

Sand, centrifugal and continuous casting methods carried out from raw materials to finished products, along the all process a modern laboratory controls every step of the produce flow, refering to ASTM-B505. Every charge has its unique charge number, by that reason there is a full guarantee of repeatable processes. After the casting with our CNC machining option, all the casts could be machined to the desired dimensions.

As the passing years gave us the experience in the field, which we are going to use it just for your urgent calls. Within your specials needs, Cemal Metal could answer your needs in a few hours.

As metal technology develops day by day, Cemal Metal takes full responsibility to share the latest improvements through the field with ISO 9000:2001 quality. Cemal Metal is also selling(wholesale or retail by retail) all kinds of metals ( Aluminium, Copper, Brass, Chromium, ect.) and Engineering plastics such as ( Teflon, Derline, PVC, Fibers, ect.) in head Office buildings, Imes Industrial Sites.

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